The Suspenders

Double collared shirt – H&M; Dress pants – American Apparel; Suspenders – American Apparel; Shoes – Wingtips, Alfani

Suspenders are one way to accessorize your overall look. Some suspenders form an X-shape, while others form a Y-shape.

The great thing about suspenders is how they can distinguish your look based on your choice of colored suspenders. You can choose a color that matches your shirt or pants, or you can choose one that makes the suspenders distinct. The straps of the suspenders that apply pressure on your shoulders help your body improve its posture naturally (and offer some back support), giving you the appearance of confidence.

There are two main types of suspenders: a formal one that attaches to buttons on trousers and a less formal one that clips on to pants. Suspenders serve the purpose of holding your pants up, but so do belts. Don’t be the person who makes the mistake of wearing both at the same time because such a choice makes you look rectangular rather than V-shaped.

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