Bulking Or Cutting? Diet Is Key!

There are really only two choices people have in the fitness world: bulking or cutting. Bulking is considered gaining mass or muscle to one’s body and cutting is exactly what it sounds like–cutting the fat and cutting/shaping the muscles in one’s body. Whether you choose to bulk or to cut, your diet and food intake is key! I cannot stress how important diet is in your fitness goal.

There are rules to the diet of course, you can’t eat whatever you want as long as the calorie count is where it needs to be (i.e caloric deficit to cut and caloric surplus to bulk). Your diet should be colorful! The more color the better. And don’t forget proportion. Meals every 3-4 hours are recommended. If you’re not hungry within 3-4 hours then that means you ate too much the previous meal. Of course if you’re bulking you’re going to be less hungry because you’re eating more. Eating every 3-4 hours keeps your metabolism fired up, and of course, burning fat.

Stay tuned for more.

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