The Theory Polo


I’ve got a confession to make. The word “fair trade” was never in my vocabulary until 2009, when I learned about it through my work with Freedom and Fashion (FnF). At the time, fair trade products weren’t readily available due to a lack of awareness, and if you were like me, you’d have no idea where to buy fair trade products, let alone which brands were fair trade. But organizations like FnF seek to change that. You see, as more and more people become aware and demand for fair trade, the more these products become available to the consumer. That, my friends, is what we call, “consumer power.”

So enter Indigenous, a clothing line that “reflects a commitment to sustainability and socially responsible actions.” Their commitment goes further by supporting fair trade wages, using natural and organic fibers, as well as promoting handmade, eco fashion. When I found out about their #worthwearing campaign, Michael and I jumped at the chance to participate.



Shirt – Theory Polo, Indigenous; Suspenders – American Apparel; Hat, bow ties, pants, shoes – H&M; Gloves – DIY cutoffs; Watch – Hello Somebody

I chose the Theory Polo, a shirt made in Peru and made up of one hundred percent cotton jersey. After putting it on, the cotton shirt felt so soft on my skin. It was also extremely comfortable to wear! The shirt boasts a front pocket and button collar, as well as detailed stitching. I chose to get the shirt in Teal because it is a Fall/Winter color, and while going about my day while wearing the shirt, people have been commenting on the color. My brother, Michael, on the other hand chose a sweater.

After watching shows like Downton Abbey and Foyle’s War, I wanted to pay an homage to men’s fashion from the early 20th century. I paired the Theory Polo with a newsboy cap and built my look around them by adding a bow tie and suspenders. I also wanted to add something modern and a piece that does good, so I added a Hello Somebody watch (“Hello Somebody exists to provide sustainable projects and restorative care to improve the lives of children in need”).

Yes, feel good fashion is definitely worth wearing.

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