Who Knew You Could Stress Out Stress?

Well almost every student right now is on grind time! We all know finals are super detrimental to our future careers. This is a time where everyone in college is cramming all they learned the previous quarter or semester. The feeling of anxiety, stress, nervousness is all too familiar. Well today is Thursday and that means its another fitness/workout post, so I’m sure where you guys know where this is going! Wait for it……

Aaaand here it is! Stress is one of the leading causes of heart disease and stress releases the chemical cortisol! Cortisol is super bad in someone trying to live a healthy lifestyle. When cortisol is released into the body it increases blood sugar, depletes the immune system and aids in retaining fat!!! Who wants more fat? I sure don’t.

That’s why routine exercise or fitness program is important. Exercise is like Superman and Cortisol is the bad guy, and in this case Superman always wins. Exercise kills chemicals like cortisol that is induced from stress. Exercise also gives you that “feel good” feeling, it releases endorphins into your system. Exercise not only reduces stress and everything that comes with it, but also increases productivity once done.

So in the midst of it all, thank Finals; it gives you the excuse to go workout when you’re stressed. It burns fat, reduces stress, and the chemical cortisol, depletes anxiety, gives you a feel good feeling, and increases productivity!

Go for a quick jog, 20 minutes will suffice, or go for a quick study break workout!

Fyi, this isn’t just for us students! Adults are also exposed to stress every day! So get out there, take a brisk walk around the office, pick your kids up a couple times when you get home, and play rocket ship. I’m pretty sure that’d put a smile on your face, stress or no stress!

(Photo via Fox Business)

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