What Would You Do With A Second Chance?

Daniel Craig in Skyfall (image via Teaser-Trailer)

I’ve never been good at sports growing up, but I remember enjoying baseball. Maybe it’s because with baseball, you’re more or less guaranteed three chances to hit the ball. In my senior year of high school, I got accepted to every school I applied, except my dream school. After two years studying at a community college, I reapplied, and hit a home run! I needed chances. How many of you need a second chance? What would you do with it?

In the 2012 film, Skyfall, Daniel Craig plays James Bond, a British secret agent haunted by his past. Of all the 007 films, Skyfall delves into Bond’s roots and a little more into his psyche. From being orphaned at a young age to losing his first love, his past affects the man behind the agent. For Bond, joining the espionage business was his act of redemption, his second chance to right his wrongs.

At one point or another, all of us need a second chance. A dream school is out of your reach, a business deal falls apart in your face, a relationship you invested so much into goes wrong. We wonder if we should try again or if we even want to. Thankfully, God is a God of second chances.

We see second chances play out throughout the Bible. The ancient Israelites kept failing God. They did not keep His commandments and they worshipped other gods. Despite their betrayal, God was still with them. We see a second chance in Jesus’s story of the lost son. A rich son demands his inheritance from a father who has not yet died. The son squanders his wealth, only to return to his father in rags and shame, hoping his father would take him as one of his servants. Instead, the father welcomes him home with open arms, clothing him with his best robe and giving him food and a celebration. Essentially, the son was given a second chance. But the biggest story of a second chance is us.

Again, God is a God of second chances. Through His Son, Jesus, we all have been given a second chance, a beautiful gift of grace, an unearned favor. No matter what mistakes or regrettable decisions you’ve made in the past, you have been forgiven of them when you come to God. You have been given a second chance to live a better life. With a second chance, I was able to attend my dream school. With a second chance, James Bond was able to do some good in the world. But the question remains: what would you do with your second chance?

(Image via Teaser-Trailer)

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