I Love You Sometimes?

How would you like it if someone said, “I will love you for the next 30 minutes.” No? How about, “I love you for the next 3 weeks?” Still not enough? How about 6 months? Ok, let’s raise the stakes. How about “I love your for the next 2 years?” Two years is a long time right?

Of course we would never say any of these things. That would be absurd! But when we say, “I love you”  we are making a promise. We are saying even when I do not like you, I will be here for you. Even when I am angry, frustrated, and annoyed, we will work it out together. Even when the storms and obstacles of life seem overwhelming, we will overcome them together.

Sounds difficult right? Let’s make it even harder because this promise is for more than just our romantic relationships. God calls us to love our neighbor (Matthew 22:39), our rulers and spiritual brothers and sisters, (1 Peter 2:17), even our enemies (Matthew 5:44).  Who we are as Christian, means that we already have direct orders to make this love promise to  just about everyone. It’s no wonder Paul thinks of himself as a slave to everyone (1 Corinthians 9:19). Now don’t get it twisted. The objective of this post is not to make us say, “I love you” less, but to live it out more.

(Image via Mel Schwartz)

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