This Christmas: Sweaters and Scarves

cg_mikey_sweater_scarf-1 cg_mikey_sweater_scarf-2 cg_mikey_sweater_scarf-3 cg_mikey_sweater_scarf-4


Sweater – H&M, Scarf – Unbranded; Pants – American Apparel; Shoes – Vintage

Christmas is right around the corner, and here in Convivial Gentleman, we can’t help but turn up “This Christmas,” a classic Christmas jam by Donny Hathaway. You see, when it comes to living in Southern California, we can dream all we want of having a “White Christmas,” but it’s just not going to happen. The only thing that could come close perhaps is eating a powdered donut and having the powder fall off. Of course, we don’t recommend eating donuts at all. You want to look fit this Christmas, right?

During Christmas time, you may see a lot of people wear red and green. After all, they’re the standard uniform of Santa’s elves and when people get into the Christmas spirit, they can’t help but be surrounded by the two colors. From candy canes to Christmas trees to poinsettia plants, red and green are the traditional colors of Christmas.

Michael, however, prefers a more earthy color for Christmas. Christmas reminds him of old movies, movies many people grew up with as kids, like “A Christmas Story” or “Scrooge.” Earth tones and neutral tones give off a vintage feel, which is perfect for Michael. And elbow patch sweaters complete the retro look.

How about you? What colors do you see yourself wearing this Christmas?

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