Losing Inches Off Waist?

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A.S. asked: 1. How do you lose the inches on your waist?? I remember your photo about your brother’s jeans… Was it diet or work out??? 2. How do you lose weight/body fat on the thigh area?? Do I need to diet hard or work out? If it’s working out, which machines are best? 

That’s the age-old question, isn’t it? It was definitely a question I asked myself back in March when I weighed almost 210 lbs. In May 2012, I decided to give myself the best birthday gift: a gym membership.

Losing the inches off your waist depends on three things: goal-setting, workout AND diet. Well, mainly diet.

Back in May, I wore size 36 pants. Being the fitness freak, Michael gave me a pair of his size 32 jeans. He challenged me to fit into his jeans by September. I took the jeans and hung it in my closet where every other week I’d try it on to see my progress. Essentially, Michael and I set my goal: to fit those pants. Fitting those pants was no was no easy task. I needed to work on my diet and my workout routines.

To help with the diet aspect, I downloaded the iPhone app, “MyFitness Pal.”  You input how much you want to lose (weight-wise) and by when (what month/date). Then the app calculates how much calories you’re allowed to consume per day. If you want to lose weight, you need to keep a strict diet where you either meet those allowed calories or go a little under. A deficit of calories from the typical amount of calories you consume is what helps with your weight loss progress.

The great thing about the app is that it really keeps you accountable to what you eat. You read back on your calorie journal and you might find yourself thinking: I ate that?! MyFitness Pal also incorporates a social accountability aspect where you can add friends and they will be able to see your progress. My friend, Ian, gets on my case when I don’t log in my calories. I’m glad he does! Basically, if there are foods you shouldn’t eat because you don’t want your friends to see it, that probably means you shouldn’t eat it. Today, you can see that I wasn’t eating quite healthy. Guilty.

When it comes to losing body fat around the thigh area, you have to do a lot of cardio/running/cycling for about 20-30 minutes every day. I also incorporated a jump rope into my routine and skipped rope for 20 minutes. As painful as it might be for some people, squats are also great for your lower body. Do three sets of 12 in each set and use either 5 lb or 10 lb dumbbells into your set too. As for other workouts, I had Michael create a workout designed specifically for me and my needs. But have no fear, over the next few weeks, Michael and others will be posting workout routines for you and others to try. So stay tuned! Today, I have a size 32 waist. I was able to wear my goal jeans.
Got questions? Ask.

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