5 Ab Workouts

So who wants a 6-pack? No, not beer. I’m talking about 6 chiseled packs of wonderful abdominals. Almost every guy I’ve met strives to achieve washboard abs that can grade cheese. Here’s 5 workouts to get great abs.

1. Bosu Ball Crunches – 3 sets of 20

2. Decline Crunches -3 sets of 25

3. Weighted Russian Twists – 3 sets to failure

4. Knees to Elbows – 3 sets of 20 (see below for instruction)

5. Hanging Leg Raises – 2 sets of 25

Remember to perform each exercise slowly, focusing on the abs instead of the hips. Contracting of the abs in every complete rep is crucial in defining and strengthening the muscles, just like every other muscle group. Last but not least, abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym. Meaning you can’t eat whatever you want and do all these abs and expect Greek god abs.

For knees to elbows: you can perform this exercise on a pull up bar. Place hands on the bar like you’re about to do a chin up (palm facing you), not a pull up (palm facing out) and hang at 90 degree angle. In the meantime you raise your knees to touch your elbows. Hence the name knees to elbows.

(Image via BodySpace profile: clutch401, Parker Cote, Bodybuilding.com)

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