This Is (Not) The End

Lately, everyone’s been talking about the end of world. Sure, it’s not an entirely new idea. People have been making predictions for centuries. But it seems every new year someone is saying, “The end is near!” The world will end in fire. Did you know that all the volcanos on earth will erupt at the same time?  Oh sorry, I meant the world will end with zombies. Someone is going to release an airborne virus that will affect millions turning them into mindless flesh-eating cannibals. I think I got it wrong. I mean, the Earth will end tomorrow, December 21, 2012, at least according to the Mayan calendar. I think the only thing that needs to end is all the Doomsday talk.

No one knows when the world will end (Matthew 24:36. Mark 13:32). As much as the movies and TV shows predict world panic, famine, etc., I don’t really care. But I do think they’re on to something. How would we act if the world would end today? Would we act in panic and fear? Would we party it up and live our last hour in debauchery? Would we spend time with our friends and family and hold the ones we love? Would we repent from our old ways?

If that’s all a little too fantastical to you, then ask yourself one thing: how would I live if I know I would soon die? You can learn a lot from those who are dying–all their regrets and how they would live differently. And after learning from them, perhaps you would live differently even when you know this is not the end.

(Image via Good Wallpaper)

3 responses to “This Is (Not) The End

  1. I think that you put your finger on the reason that the Bible gave us the warnings about the end time – not to freak out when it starts to happen and to stay awake; to stay intentional about how we live and act because our master might return at any moment.
    Thanks for sharing.

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