The Gift of Brotherhood

June 2012 Issue

June 2012 Issue

If you’ve ever loss someone you loved to tragedy or death or know someone who has, you can understand and empathize with the painful reality of living life without that person. The struggle with coping and the anxiety of asking yourself, “What if…?” can haunt a person with a lifetime of regrets.

In July 2007, I lost my sister in a tragic accident. Five years later, I was finally able to write a bit about the accident, and consequently, of living life without her. For the Christian, death is not the end. In fact, it’s only the beginning of a grander story. And for the Christian grieving the loss of a loved one? God will comfort you and He can use your story to comfort others.

In June 2012, my story was published in Inheritance Magazine. And in it, I wrote about how my story unfolded and how despite losing one sibling, God gave me more by giving me “The Gift of Brotherhood.”

(Photo via Richard Min and Inheritance Magazine)

2 responses to “The Gift of Brotherhood

  1. After reading your blog, I thought about the children who were recently murdered at the elementary school in CT. Hopefully, the parents will find some comfort in seeing their children again heaven.

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