Christmas and Traditions


Everyone has their own traditions for Christmas. For some, it’s waking up early in the morning to unwrap presents under the Christmas tree. For others, it’s enjoying a family breakfast at the table having conversations about life. What’s your Christmas tradition?

As young men and as a new men’s lifestyle blog, we struggled to find a tradition to call our own. Well, until the day before Christmas when Michael said, “You know what? I’m going to wear a bow tie [on Christmas].” And that was that. I had no complaints. The challenge for me was finding a bow tie that Doctor Who would approve.

The bow tie. It’s classy. It’s stylish. It’s here.

From both of us at Convivial Gentleman and our contributors, we’d like to wish you all a merry Christmas! Remember the reason for the season! As the theologian C.S. Lewis said in his book, Mere Christianity:

“The Son of God became a man to enable men to become the sons of God.”

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