The American Apparel Flea Market



American Apparel uses some of the most comfortable fabrics to wear and is one of the few brands out there that made in the USA, right in Downtown Los Angeles. They provide fare wages for their workers, pioneering in social and environmental responsibility in the workplace.

If you’re looking for bargains on AA clothing, you might want to check out the AA factory warehouse store located in the second floor. The clothes sell at a discount because they may be a sample design or have slight imperfections (have crooked seams, tattered, torn, or mislabeled), so sift through the racks and bins carefully inspecting every article of clothing you intend on purchasing.

Michael and I had a field day rummaging through the AA Flea Market (what the locals call the store), trying on different clothes, until finding the right ones we wanted. Be aware that there are no fitting rooms, so you might want to wear something comfortable. Hopefully, you aren’t shy to change and dress up in front of other customers.

5 responses to “The American Apparel Flea Market

  1. You look great and thanks for the tip. I plan on visiting LA this year (I’m from Texas) and I was wondering about things I could do. I for sure want to visit the AA Flea Market! Thanks for the tip!

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