Fair Weather Faith

One can define “Fair Weather” in a few different ways, I suppose, but as an avid sports consumer and former athlete myself, a fan who is described as “Fair Weather” is one who praises and supports his team when times are good, but distances himself from them when things are bad.

Likewise, many believers can become “Fair Weather” in their own ways, praising God and his faithfulness when things are going well, but cursing His name (or falling away) in the rain.

What we must understand – check that – what is vital for us to understand as Believers is that the storms of life are the most important events we can experience.

The storms of life, as in nature, provide the “Water” we need to grow as men & women. They are the things that give power to our testimonies with which we may use to bless others.

A “Fair Weather” Believer isn’t a person of Faith, but rather a person who, like the world, seeks immediate satisfaction. A “Fair Weather” Believer lacks endurance, patience, and humility; these people run away in the storms of life and instead cling to their own understanding, seeking other things to fill their needs. Most importantly, a “Fair Weather” Believer is one who will be continually unsatisfied; left thirsty because they avoid the Rain.

It is often very difficult to go through the trials we experience; I write this going through one right now, long and painful. But be of good courage, knowing God never leaves nor forsakes and that when we are weakest, He does the heavy lifting. Be Blessed and check out the song that inspired this: Behind the Clouds

(Image via BGR)

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