Tickets to the Gunshow

cg_mikey_bicep-1In my opinion, arms are one of the easiest muscle groups to shape, build, and form! Well-defined arms are essential to the V-taper shape that so many men aspire to have. They provide girth and size to the upper body that coincide with firm wide shoulders. Arms are a muscle group that doesn’t need much upkeep once they’re formed because most chest workouts include your triceps, and most back workouts include biceps. But let’s not make that an excuse not to work them out! Today we’ll hit the biceps and we’ll hit triceps next Thursday, so stay tuned!

If anything, well-shaped and defined arms should almost be equally desired as the infamous six-pack. Whether you’re wearing a tank, a tee, or a button up shirt, arms are one of the first things noticed by women and men alike. They’re a muscle group you can’t easily hide! Remember, there are different angles to your muscles so there are many workouts to work all those angles. So I’ve listed some bicep workouts below to help everybody have tickets to the gun show!

cg_mikey_bicep-3 cg_mikey_bicep-2

  • Preacher curls: These isolate your biceps so you’re not weaving back and forth rocking with the weight, which you shouldn’t be doing in the first place. This means the weight is too heavy.
  • Seated alternating dumbbell curls: These also isolate your biceps and keep your posture nice and tidy.
  • 21s: These are a personal favorite of mine. Use a bar with a weight that you can curl 21x with! The first 7 reps start with the bar at your thighs, arms fully extended, and curl to a 90 degree angle, arms perpendicular to your body. For the next 7 reps, start that the 90 degree angle and curl to a full contraction. And for the last 7 reps do full extensions and full contractions.
  • Hammer curls: These are essential to building the rounded shape in front of your arms where your arm bends.
  • Wide Grip curls: You can use the EZ curl bar for these but I generally like a flat bar. You feel more in the biceps than the forearms on a flat bar. These wide grips workout the inside of your biceps
  • Close Grip curls: Do the same thing as the Wide Grip. I prefer the flat bar over the EZ bar. These work the outside of your biceps.

Everybody is used to the conventional dumbbells, but change it up a bit. Cable curls work just as well. And don’t forget to keep those elbows tucked to your side. Good form and proper contractions are key!

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