Incorporating Colors and Patterns: Paisley

CG_Mikeybatik-1 CG_Mikeybatik-3



Sweater – H&M; Paisley button up – Macy’s; Pants – American Apparel, Shoes – Alfani

Wearing colors and patterns might be risky for some guys, but the challenge is choosing the right color to go with the right pattern. The paisley pattern is a unique kidney-shaped design that traditionally came from Iran, but received its name from the town of Paisley near Scotland. Paisley is a pattern mainly used in formal settings and traditionally seen during the summer. However, British band The Beatles have worn this pattern in informal settings as well. It all depends on how the paisley fabric is styled and cut.

Michael is wearing a paisley button up shirt, but there’s no mistake that it was made for formal settings. His paisley shirt had purple, maroon, white, and lavender. For some guys, this is too much color and a little too “loud” for their taste. In those kinds of moments, Michael added a color from the opposite end of the color spectrum with golden-yellow. Wearing a solid golden-yellow sweatshirt allowed him to cover up most of the paisley pattern, but still allow him to give a hint of the pattern through the collar of his shirt.

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