Must Have Spring Accessories for Men

Spring is here and it’s about time too! Strip away those layers and bring out the brighter colors! If you think about it, aside from the tops and bottoms, men “seem” to not have any additional options to their options. Haha….false.

This season, invest in some man jewelry and accessories and add to your already dapper outfit for the Spring. Go for simple. Nothing has to be super extravagant. Use small pops of color in bracelets, watches, necklaces, neckwear, and even shoelaces that will add to your outfit! Let’s go over a few…

Leather bracelets:

photo-18One of the most affordable leather bracelets I’ve come across is from Corter Leather. These leather bracelets are handmade and have a nickel clasp hammered in by Eric Heins, the one-man maker of Corter Leather. And they are only $15!? Compared to other handmade leather wrist-wear out there, that’s as good as it gets! Better yet, with time, these bracelets will wear into a vintage color. Be sure to check out his other leather goods as well!

Anchor bracelets:

Although I have yet to make a purchase for these yet, these have become a slow growing trend in wrist-wear. They can be simple bracelets with an anchor hook for a clasp or have small beads that add additional color to any outfit. You can find these on eBay, etsy, etc.


photo-20 photo-17You don’t have to own a Rolex or have hundreds of dollars hanging over your hand to say you’ve got good watch game going. If you’ve never owned a watch (growing up in this era, it’s not surprising), a good starter is the Timex Weekender watch. On Amazon, you can by a variety of colored watches for around $30. These colored options range from the color of the Nato strap to the face of the watch itself. Note: Timex watches are known to be pretty loud with their ticking. It might be something to get used to.

Men, you are not limited to just a shirt and bottoms. Invest in some bracelets and watches and amongst the other accessories I mentioned above. The best thing is, once you’ve got a collection going, mixing and matching gives you even more combos to play with.

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