Being A Whilstleblower Of Peace With Falling Whistles

Gio-jeanonjeans-21 gio-jeanonjeans22

The continent of Africa is no stranger to prolonged wars. In fact, a war is currently going on in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Many children there are used as soldiers. Those children too small to carry weapons, on the other hand, are sent ahead to the front lines to distract and to draw enemy fire. They’re only armed with whistles!

This story caught the attention of Sean Carasso who traveled to Congo in 2007. Inspired to help the war-affected children, Carasso started Falling Whistles, a nonprofit organization aimed to help these children, as well as to advocate for peace. Through selling whistles, money from sales is strategically used towards peace.

The whistles themselves represent the story of these child soldiers. But they’re also symbolic of the greatest weapon you possess: your voice. You can be a whistleblower for peace.

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