LISTEN: Olly Murs


Born and raised in the U.K., Olly Murs was runner-up on the British version of The X Factor.  Despite receiving great success in the U.K., Murs set his sights on the U.S. with the release of “Right Place, Right Time” in April. His first two released singles (“Troublemaker” and “Heart Skips A Beat”) are fun-filled akin to the likes of Maroon 5, but his use of rappers Chiddy Bang and Flo Rida in them aren’t needed, and detract from his voice and the overall songs. However, Murs does pay a great homage to the old school sounds of the 1950s with his song  “Dance With Me Tonight.” Oddly enough, the album is filled with four ballads, and “Loud and Clear” is reminiscent of Coldplay’s “oh-oh-oh” choruses. While most of the songs in Murs’s album are classy and support his nice-guy image, two particular lines in “Hey Beautiful” throws that out the window.


Notable tracks:

  • Heart Skips A Beat”
  • “Troublemaker”
  •  “Dance With Me Tonight”
  • “Hand On My Heart”
  • “I Need You Now”

Verdict: 7/10, Murs is quite talented and proves he can hold his own in falsettos. While musically, he shows his fun-filled side as well as his romantic side, lyrically, his songs aren’t that deep. His best singles off the album have already been released.


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