Letter From The Editor: The Thing About Self-Improvement


We’re back from our summer hiatus! And we miss you!

While you may not be rushing to Office Depot to buy school supplies for yourself, September still has a sense of newness. It’s the start of a new season, a new energy, and a new outlook on life. Whereas January was the start of a new year with resolutions of what you wanted to do, September is the start of reflecting on what you actually did these past nine months and reevaluating it all. Did you fail your weight loss goals? Did you get that job promotion you were eyeing? Did you actually finish that book this summer, you know, the one you said you would read? September is “Self-Improvement” Month and if you didn’t meet your goals, it’s time you did.

But the thing about self-improvement is you never really do things on your own. No. There’s also a communal component too. Back in January, I vowed I’d get down from 195 lbs to 150 lbs by summer time. While I failed that goal, I did reach 177 lbs. Well, I probably wouldn’t have lost any if I didn’t have the support and encouragement from some of my friends. And before you go claiming that you didn’t have anyone to push you on and instead had people who didn’t believe in you, the point is, you still had people on your corner. And sometimes, negative comments are the things that drive people to do better.

Regardless of your motivation, September can be a start of something new for you. And this month at Convivial Gentleman, we’ll be focusing on things that will improve your faith, fitness, and of course, your fashion life.


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