It’s All In The Lines



Shirt – Frank and Oak; Pants – Zara; Tie – Unbranded

There’s something about lines and stripes that captures the eye, or rather plays with the eye. The animal kingdom contains many examples of species with stripes that allow them to camouflage with their surroundings. After all, the use of color within the lines and stripes plays with shadows, and this “trick” is essential to help an animal survive. In fashion, lines and stripes can serve a “trickery” purpose as well.

Stripe lines can create an optical illusion of sorts. Vertical stripe lines can help a man appear a lot taller and slimmer.  Just take a look at the pinstripe history of the New York Yankees and the pinstripe suit. Horizontal stripe lines, on the other hand, can help taller men break a viewer’s instinctive up-and-down gaze. And for the skinny man, horizontal lines can help with the appearance of looking a lot more “filled-in.” But keep in mind that the width of the stripe lines should also balance with your frame.

In keeping with the New York state of mind, Andrew wore a stripe pattern reminiscent of walking through Coney Island on a summer day.

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