Men’s Fashion Week Los Angeles

The first ever Men’s Fashion Week Los Angeles launched on Monday, October 14, 2013 at the California Market Center, although “Week” may be a misnomer. The actual two day event featured top menswear designers like Krammer & Stoudt and Paulo Succar among others. While we only caught the last half of MFWLA, including the F.R.E.D. runway show, we discovered new favorites.

Guests of MFWLA were treated to an open bar, sponsored by Infuse Vodka and coffee from Caffe Vita Coffee Roasting Co. And of course, no fashion show is complete without stylists. Celebrity stylists Norris & Thrash and The Gents Closet were also present.

Stay tuned this week as we feature the designers and products of MFWLA.


Thrash in green suit, Norris in yellow suit.


Joel Demadura (IG: @JoelSteezzy)


Eddie Doan (IG @panda_eds) of the fashion collective imp3rative (IG: @imp3rative)

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