Accessorize with Pocket Square Clothing


We made a great new discovery during Men’s Fashion Week LA: Pocket Square Clothing, truly a gentlemen’s clothing company. The wide array of color and patterns in the form of ties, bow ties, and pocket squares immediately caught our eye and we were overwhelmed by the amount of choices. We shed a tear or two of happiness when we saw them. Finally, someone understood the style needs of the modern urban gentlemen.

Established in 2011 as a men’s accessory brand, Pocket Square Clothing (PSC) is American made and handcrafted, right here in Los Angeles.  PSC believes that “style comes down to one’s composure and being, the way one carries himself. The mission is to create a collection of visual and artistic accents, accents that then serve as to punctuate and project personality.” And so, PSC took a narrative approach to help men tell their menswear stories through 6 collections, each with its own particular color and style to match any man’s personality: Classic, Workwear, Emissary, Rome Castille, Floral, and Ice Cream.


The 6 Pocket Square Clothing Collections. Which one is your favorite?

“Do not be afraid to explore your style and how you’d like to project yourself,” commented co-founder Andrew Cheung. Cheung emphasized that while colors and patterns are one part of your look, your fabric choices can also emphasize your style further. Do you like denim, canvas, or wool? Pocket Square Clothing also uses a diverse collection of fabrics, allowing you to have a fun time mixing and matching to suit your needs.

Currently, Pocket Square Clothing is colloborating with Clark and Madison for menswear bags, which will also be handcrafted in America. We think that’s a perfect match for a menswear accessory brand!

Purchase your tie from Pocket Square Clothing today. And while you’re at it, share a photo of you with a PSC tie on Instagram.


Co-founder of Pocket Square Clothing, Andrew Cheung


We love the colors and the patterns and were overwhelmed by the amount of choices.


Yeah, go Army!

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