Head Out To Town With Ashbury Hats

ashbury_bourbonMaybe it was Don Draper and Neil Caffrey that brought back classy hats into the collective male psyche. Or maybe it never left. After all, a new generation is discovering the music and likes of Frank Sinatra, the Chairman of the Board and the rest of his crew, the Rat Pack. Whatever the case, hats can help complete a man’s look.

Back at Men’s Fashion Week in Los Angeles, we came across a hat brand that would rival the Mad Hatter’s extensive collection. The California based hat makers, Ashbury Hats, is a division of Head’n Home, a company that produces and manufactures handmade hats all here in the U.S. They’ve got a wide variety of hats to choose from that fits your specific style.

We like Ashbury Hats for their leather fedoras that pack a punch in boldness and personality. Most importantly, Ashbury Hats are versatile, they can be worn to complete a classy look as you have a meeting in the city, or worn casually as you enjoy the pier and take a walk on the beach. We chose the Bourbon, a smooth and classy pork-pie hat made with wool suiting fabric and full-grain leather collude.



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