Convivial Gentleman is a collaborative men’s lifestyle website and blog for men in their 20s and 30s, focusing mainly on fashion, fitness, and faith.


The idea of Convivial Gentleman started with the question: “What does it mean to be a gentleman, let alone a Christian one?” So much of being a “gentleman” has been lost amidst the sex-saturated culture and results in how a man treats the people around him, especially how he treats a woman or views her and her body. After asking the same question and reading the works of theologian N.T. Wright, Editor-in-Chief Giovanny Panginda believed at times, some men have stopped developing their virtuous character. The virtue of a gentleman is not just “doing the right things,” but forming the proper habits that illicit good moral character, so much so that it becomes second nature to him.

The word “convivial” is an adjective for being “friendly,” “sociable,” or “jovial.” For a virtuous gentleman, conviviality is an expected result. Generally, people are drawn and want to be surrounded by a person with a jovial nature.

In November 2012, Giovanny approached one of his best friends and brother, Michael Fances. Interested in fashion and fitness, both believed virtuous character could be applied and redeemed in the two categories by incorporating a third component: faith.


An old saying goes like this: “The clothes make the man.” The modern man has a newfound interest in his outer appearance. Dressing well (fashion) and being physically fit (fitness) are fun and enjoyable and remain aspects of Convivial Gentleman, but being a “gentleman” is rooted on a man’s actions and character in public and in private. While we devote efforts in suggesting how a man can dress or how he can keep healthy, Convivial Gentleman is also dedicated to promoting Christian service and to share the message of Jesus: to love God and to love others (Matthew 22:36-40).

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